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There is a lot of power required to move the multi-ton heaps of metal we call automobiles, but that power is nothing without the direction that the transmission gives to the wheels through a driveshaft. Keeping your vehicle and driveshaft in good repair in Escondido, California can be done at Trans Master Auto Care & Performance Center, but what is the driveshaft and why is it necessary?

The driveshaft is responsible for transferring the mechanical movements created by the engine with torque to the wheels which drive their motion. Depending on whether your vehicle is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive the driveshaft will be connected to either pair of wheels, and if you are driving in a four-wheel drive vehicle there will be two driveshafts. Because the engine is in the front, a driveshaft for front-wheel drive isn’t that long, but a rear-wheel drive vehicle will need a longer Driveshaft to connect the back wheels to the engine in the front of the car. Keeping your car performing well involves driveshaft repair and there are a few things you can notice when a repair is needed.


Because the driveshaft is hidden under your car it may be difficult to tell when it needs repair, but an obvious indication of that is your vehicle shaking beneath you or a loud clunking noise. If there is damage to the driveshaft, it won’t transfer the energy smoothly and all of that engine power can be dispersed throughout your vehicle rather than focused on the control of your wheels. Another issue you may notice is that your wheels do not respond when you turn your steering wheel.

Since your vehicle’s horsepower and torque work together to create velocity, it may not be your engine having problems if you aren’t getting the same power you used to. It is true that velocity is the result of magnitude and direction, and your torque, transmission, and driveshaft are all responsible for putting a direction to your vehicle’s power. If the engine is running fine then it is likely a transmission problem if you aren’t getting the same performance. Your mileage may also suffer if you are having to expend more energy to get the same results since the engine’s power isn’t being used as efficiently, but many things can result in getting worse mileage.

If you notice any of these problems with your vehicle’s driveshaft or need any other repairs for your vehicle in Escondido, California, come to Trans Master Auto Care & Performance Center. We would be happy to service your vehicle while giving you the benefits of quality and transparency. Give us a call at (760) 796-7713 to schedule a service.

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