Nissan Auto Repair in Escondido

Rated top among Nissan auto repair shops, Trans Masters is proud to be part of the Escondido community. Nicknamed the "flower capital" because of numerous local growers, Escondido is also known for its sandy beaches, steep mesa bluffs and rolling hills. Residents of Escondido love their location because it's close enough to San Diego to enjoy all the amenities that a big city has to offer, while still maintaining a small town feel. However, locals don't have to travel far for high quality auto care.

Trans Masters has been providing Escondido Nissan repair for over 20 years, and the technicians have both training and experience in servicing all popular models, including Maxima, Altima and Rogue. If you're in need of transmission or auto repair or are simply looking to keep your engine in perfect running condition, we're your one-stop-shop.

Regular maintenance

All car owners know that the key to getting a good long life out of their vehicle is keeping a regular maintenance schedule. Nissan maintenance should be performed at each major mileage marker, whether or not the car seems to be running smoothly. Preventing problems before they happen means you don't have to suffer the cost and inconvenience of a break down. We offer a less expensive alternative to taking your car to the Nissan dealership, yet provide the same level of expertise.

During a regular maintenance appointment, we'll test and repair the brakes, if necessary, and perform a tire rotation to ensure you get maximum mileage out of your tires. We also check and refill the fluids such as oil, brake and wiper fluid.

Diagnosing a particular problem

If you're bringing your automobile into the shop because you've had problems driving or are hearing unusual sounds from the engine, we'll do a thorough diagnosis of the issue and give you a fair and accurate quote on the cost to repair it. We also stay abreast of all common Nissan problems such as the steering lock problem with the 2009 Altima or the shifting issue often experienced by owners of the 2004 Maxima.

Regardless of whether you're looking for a good shop to maintain your car or are having a problem, we're here to help. Call or come by today to discuss Nissan auto repair in Escondido with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.