Engine rebuild cost? Trust Trans Masters Escondido to give you the straight scoop

Engine rebuild cost? Trust Trans Masters Escondido to give you the straight scoop

Having your engine rebuilt can offer a tremendous savings over buying a new car. But with a job that big, you want to be sure that your auto repair shop can provide you:

  • Expert mechanics that know what they’re doing
  • Honest advice about whether you really need to have your engine rebuilt
  • Options that may be less expensive

Luckily, Trans Masters Escondido is just that kind of place. In fact, owner Rick is the kind of mechanic that everyone wants to have when they live an area like San Diego county.

“I now take my car there for all service, including oil changes and maintenance,” says Myra H, one of Rick’s many satisfied customers. “I give them 5 stars for communication, quality of service and just being honest!”

If you do need your engine rebuilt, they’re the experts

Growing up with a father who ran an automobile repair shop, Rick got in the habit of rebuilding a transmission every night — when he was in junior high school! So Trans Masters owner Rick Frye has extensive knowledge of how your car works. Rick himself is an ASE-certified Master Technician, and he has a team of ASE-certified mechanics who share his passion for cars.

In addition to their formidable knowledge of automobiles, the team at Trans Masters utilize the most up-to-date technology, like a VERDICT Scanner to communicate with the computer modules on your vehicle. (In fact, it’s specially formatted to include European cars).

You’ll never need to go to another auto repair shop

Rick has been at the shop since 1990. His aim is to keep your car in optimum condition, at a minimum cost to you. Whatever kind of work your automobile needs, Rick will explain your options and make sure you understand them, so you can make the right choice for your circumstances.

That’s why Trans Masters, on Aero Way in Escondido, CA has been the first choice for local car owners for years.

Want to make sure your call is well cared for? Don’t wait: call Trans Masters Auto Care today.

Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center (in Escondido)
631 Aero Way
Escondido, CA 

They warranty all their work for at least a full year or 12,000 miles.

Written by Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center