Acura Repair in Escondido, CA

Looking for a service center that can repair your Acura in the Escondido area? Look no further than Trans Masters Auto Care. Our location in Escondido, CA has ASE Certified Mechanics at Trans Masters have professional, hands-on experience fixing all Acuras, from the newest vehicles to the older car models. Owned and operated by ASE Master Certified Technicians, Trans Masters has been providing reputable and reliable service to the San Diego area for over 24 years.

Trans Masters specializes in transmission, engine, and brake repair and service, but also offers its customers a whole host of other repair services such as factory scheduled and routine maintenance including tune-ups, oil and fluid changes, heating and AC servicing, to name a few.

If your car needs repairing, whether the problem is basic or more complex, it can be an expensive proposition. At Transmasters, their mechanics will work quickly to diagnose the nature of the problem that you are having with your Acura, and, once that is accomplished, they will work diligently to determine what repairs are necessary to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible at a price that doesn't break your budget.

Expert mechanics and service

The team of mechanics at Trans Masters has professional, hands-on experience working on Acuras as well as a wide variety of vehicles including domestic, foreign, and European cars. All of their mechanics are trained in the latest technology for automobile repair and servicing.

The top priority at Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center is customer satisfaction. They realize how important your vehicle is to your being able to complete your daily activities and just how frustrating it is when something goes wrong. When you bring your Acura to Transmasters, they can perform no-start/ driveability diagnostics and cover all the mechanical and electrical repairs for your car. The number of electronic components used in today's cars has also increased, so it's important to take your car to a shop that specializes in computer diagnostics.

If you want to get the top performance from your Acura, regularly scheduled maintenance is important. Trans Masters is a shop that you can trust to keep your car in good working order. Let their mechanics help improve your fuel economy by replacing worn out air and fuel filters, checking that your tire pressure is in line with the manufacturer's specifications, and having regular tune-ups.

Fast, friendly service

Trans Masters Auto Care and Performance Center can offer you a reasonably priced alternative to the higher-priced services at local dealerships. They are proud of their reputation which has been built around their ability to diagnose and solve even the most complex of mechanical issues.

If you are looking for the best-priced repair for your Acura, contact the auto repair shop of Trans Masters Auto Care and Performance Center in Escondido today. Their team of trusted mechanics is "passionate about keeping your car in tip-top order!"