4 Ways To Prepare Your Vehicle for Track Day

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4 Ways To Prepare Your Vehicle for Track Day

For car enthusiasts, track day is like Christmas — except with significantly more asphalt, gasoline, and horsepower involved. And no matter which placement you receive on the podium, track day is a fantastic chance to connect with other drivers, show off your ride, and experience the thrill of burning rubber. But there’s one question you have to ask yourself first: Is your vehicle prepared? At Trans Master Auto Care & Performance Center, we offer the best automotive services in Escondido, CA, to get your car ready for track day. Today, we’re sharing four steps you should take before rolling up to the starting line. Read on to learn more, then contact us today!

Get a Tune-Up

A regular tune-up is essential to ensuring your vehicle is running in top condition. At Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center, we offer performance tune-up services to set your engine up for pole position. We can also check your brakes, suspension, and other automotive systems to make sure they’re up to the challenge of track day.

Change the Oil

Routinely changing your oil is one of the most important parts of vehicle maintenance, and this is no less true before a big race. With years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, our Escondido auto shop is the perfect pit stop to make sure your oil is fresh and your engine is ready to go.

Install Safety Equipment

One of the most important steps when preparing for track day is installing safety equipment in your vehicle. Picking up the basics like a racing helmet, a racing neck brace, and a fire extinguisher is a great place to start. For more extensive upgrades, such as roll-cage installations, be sure to ask our ASE-certified technicians how we can help.

Explore Performance Upgrades

Let’s be honest — no one likes to settle for second place. If you’re determined to cross the finish line with everyone else in your rearview mirror, Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center can help you make that a reality. From racing transmission installations to custom tuning for the track, we can hook you up with all of the modifications you need.

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