4 Modern Upgrades for Classic Cars

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4 Modern Upgrades for Classic Cars

The classic car is a timeless symbol of style and power. From the captivating purr of a straight-six to the smooth handling of a well-built suspension, classic cars have been beloved for generations. However, just like any other vehicle, classic cars need regular maintenance and upgrades. That’s why, if you’re looking to bring your classic car into the contemporary era, you should look no further than Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center in Escondido, CA. We’ve got everything you need to turn your vintage vehicle into a modern marvel — continue reading to discover four of our most popular upgrades!

Power Up the Engine

If you’re all about power, speed, and the bragging rights that come with them, there’s no better place to start upgrading your classic car than the engine. Our experienced mechanics can install a modern, high-powered engine in your classic chassis, and we can also provide routine engine tuning services to ensure that it stays running at peak performance.

Swap the Suspension

While many drivers love the smooth and carefree feel of older suspension, if you’re looking to take your classic car to the track, you’re going to need something a little more robust. At our auto shop in Escondido, we never cut corners — but we can install a performance suspension system that will let your classic car do just that.

Upgrade the Electronics

If your classic car is still using its original electronics, it’s time to upgrade. Not only can this modernize the interior aesthetic of your historic ride, but it can also improve the performance, safety, and reliability of your vehicle.

Change Out the Transmission

Perhaps no upgrade promises to feel as impactful as changing out your classic car’s transmission. Whether you’re looking to take on the track, improve your fuel economy, or simply smooth out your vehicle’s gear shifts, the technicians at Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center can install, repair, and rebuild your vehicle’s transmission in Escondido.


Classic cars have an everlasting appeal, but at Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center, we’re always looking to the future. To find out how you can upgrade your classic car, contact us today!

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