4 Misconceptions About Performance Transmissions

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4 Misconceptions About Performance Transmissions

If you’re trying to get every single ounce of performance out of your ride, then you know how important the transmission is. Performance transmissions, in particular, demand special attention to make sure they’re operating their best. Today, the team at Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center in Escondido, CA is here to dispel four common misconceptions about performance transmissions, so you can talk (and drive!) circles around your fellow gearheads.

Myth #1: Performance Transmissions Are Only for Race Cars

A popular misconception about performance transmissions is that they are only for racing cars. While performance transmissions certainly offer better performance than you’d find in your everyday driver, they are actually distinct from racing transmissions as well. They act as a perfect middle ground for high-performance vehicles that can enjoy the road and the track.

Myth #2: Performance Transmissions Are Expensive

While some performance transmissions can be quite costly, there are also many affordable options on the market. At Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center, we specialize in providing performance transmission repairs and rebuilds in Escondido that are highly cost-effective without sacrificing quality. We’ll help you burn rubber without burning cash!

Myth #3: Performance Transmissions Are Difficult to Repair or Install

It’s true that performance transmissions can be difficult to fix or install on your own, but transmission services are a breeze for our certified mechanics. Whether you’re cruising in a hot rod, muscle car, or even a low rider, we have the experience and expertise to make it purr.

Myth #4: Performance Transmissions Void Your Vehicle’s Warranty

Typically, as long as a performance transmission rebuild doesn’t damage your vehicle, it will not void your manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re unsure whether your vehicle’s warranty might be affected, get in touch with one of our technicians to go over your specific situation.

If you’re looking to conquer the next quarter mile — and every stretch of road afterward — there’s only one auto shop you should consider. Visit Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center in Escondido today, so we can enhance your ride!

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